What began as a little competition between a couple artists has evolved to become a real favorite with our awesome clients! Here’s the dealio;

  • Every few weeks we will run an Ink in the Ring episode
  • Ink in the Ring is a live tattoo competition between two artists
  • Our canvases for Ink in the Ring pay $200 regardless of the contest duration (4, 5 or 6 hours)
  • Our canvases will be treated to dinner during the halftime break
  • Our canvases will be treated to refreshments during the procedure
  • During the procedure, there will be live video
  • Following the procedure, the art will be voted upon side by side by 4 separate groups;
    • Christian Buckingham (InkMaster)
    • Shawn Rock (KILO 94.3)
    • Fallen Heroes Tattoo // Art (Studio Vote)
    • Facebook (open voting)

If you are interested in becoming a canvas for any of the Ink in the Ring episodes, please fill out and submit the form  🙂

Below you’ll see the bracket as it stands currently following Ink in the Ring 6 (Mason VS Darin) for the title!



Ink in the Ring Canvas submission
Select the description that best describes your skin tone
Go ahead and select as many as you like! 🙂