“Our goal, our passion and our drive every single day is to shake this industry up and let it flourish into the beautiful, expressive and wonderfully individual outlet that we know it can be” – Brenda

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Who are your artists?

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DarinThe ``Flesh Mechanic``

Darin is a Colorado Springs local, and has been an “Artistic Flesh mechanic” for 12 years. Darin is a very well-rounded artist capable of any style you have in mind. Request a booking!

REECEPrincipal at the ``New Skool``

Reece is quickly becoming one of our most popular artists. From his illustrative and new school work, to his realism and flawless lettering, Reece looks for the challenge and opportunity in each and every piece. Request a booking.

MasonThe ``Ink Mason``

Another of our Colorado crew, Mason brings some very precision and detail oriented talent to our little family. Mason’s already helped us work harder as a team, and looks forward to changing the tattoo scene in Colorado! Request Booking

AJStraight outta St. Pete!

AJ has been tattooing professionally for about 6 years. His lifetime passion for watercolor painting and keen eye for detail has proven a strong foundation in his tattooing. Request a booking.


After the Army, Makai began body modification in February of 2000. Makai expanded from Piercing into Tattooing in 2008, and has started several studios in the US. Makai and his wife moved back to Colorado Springs in 2012 and Colorado has been home since. Book with Makai

BurkeYoung Heart, Old Soul

Burke has been in the industry for over a decade, and with guidance from his original mentor and closest friend, Mr. Thys Uys, Burke began tattooing in 2017 shortly after opening Fallen Heroes in Colorado. As a new artist, Burke currently books at half our normal hourly rate. Request Booking

Our Special Guests

hover the artist’s image for social links and a bit of their story!

Sarah JardimFebruary 2018

The fastest artist to ever complete the grueling FH apprenticeship in under 1 year, Sarah is truly blessed with an eye for creativity and a knack to apply her vision to the human canvas. Request a booking!

JinxMarch 2018

Jinx hails from our sister studio, FH Black in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Jinx is an incredibly capable artist and comfortable with any style, but her realism and fantasy art are what people line up for! Request a booking!

Christian BuckinghamReturn Dates to be announced

One of the most well-known artists in the game, Mr. Buckingham has mastered a versatility and style that will absolutely blow your mind! Request a booking!

Just a small sample of our Artists work. For more images, see the artists social links above!

we take pride in everything that we do


Our passion is the presentation, and our vision is to leave something beautiful here on eARTh!

I won’t get pricked anywhere but Fallen Heroes.

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Fallen Heroes does ink as it should be done.

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Ooooh la la… give me FH, or I’ll just go naked.

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We’ve built a business from a passion for storytelling. Our favorite part of the tattoo process is the story that is the cornerstone to each drop of ink. When you come and visit us, be ready to share your stories and passions with people that you’ll consider friends by the time you leave. – Your Fallen Heroes ♥

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